Our History

One hundred and twenty-six years ago! It was before any of us remember. South Greensburg was a new community, not yet a borough, with scarcely fifty houses. In some of them lived our church fathers, the people that started our South Greensburg Methodist Episcopal Church. Initially meeting in people's homes, in 1890, the first church building was built, a small frame structure, which was the first church in South Greensburg. From this humble beginning the congregation grew until, in 1924, the church building that is our home today was dedicated.

The gymnasium, kitchen, and social hall incorporated in the new church have been in use since that time, not only for our church members, bu't for the youth of the community.

Our name has evolved through changes, the latest in 1968, when the union of the Evangelical United Brethren and the Methodist Church brought about our present name, the "South Greensburg United Methodist Church." The first major structural change came in the early 1940's when an arched wall with a round stained glass window was added in the alter area, A new chancel area was dedicated in 1964 and later a new entrance was added. The end of 1990 saw the completion of the renovation of our balcony and sanctuary.

In 1976, a children's choir was formed and called "Cherub Choir." Every year now little Cherubs practice every Monday night through the school year and learn to sing, laugh, learn, and play. Mere words cannot express the impact of this great organization. This is another outreach program available to all children of the community. What a precious, wonderful group this Cherub Choir is. It is very special to our church.

Our church has always supported the scout movement. The original blue prints of the new church show a room in the basement of the building designated as the scout room. Presently, Troop 405, (one of the oldest in the Forbes District), meets at our church. It was first sponsored by the South Greensburg School District and now by the South Greensburg United Methodist Church.

We are proud of those among our congregation who have become ministers: Rev. Gilbert Gallagher; Rev. Clark. Derby; Rev. Sherwood Keiser; Rev. Alvin Smith; Rev. Ardith Shaffer; Rev. Raymond Halula; Rev. Glen Black.; Rev. Don Sillaman; Rev. Edith Ryan Sillaman; Rev. Donald Poole; Rev. David Panther; and Rev. Harry Speakman, Jr. May we do as well in the next century.

In 2014 as we celebrated our 125th birthday, we remembered the past, honored the present, and are looking to the future. We were thankful for what the Lord has given our church and our community. As we all move expectantly into our second century, the men, women and children of our church and our community are still making our history. Borrowing from the words of Rev. Gilbert Gallagher, "'we still have children to raise and souls to save." May we all keep constantly close to the business we are about. We hope that to every single person will come the peace of knowing the Lord. That is our prayer. God bless our community, its people, its churches, our country, and the world.